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Greek coins for sale
See our section dedicated to the ancient Greek coins for sale. You'll find carefully selected high quality pieces provided of official export licenses issued by italian authorities. Each coin is accompanied by accurate photographic certification reporting all the coin's data. Greek art lives on in every single coin. Seize this opportunity to experience these marvellous and emotive artefacts of the past.
Roman coins for sale
Visit our section of Roman coins for sale; you'll find a vast assorted selection of high quality Roman republican coins, Roman imperatorial coins, Roman imperial coins and Roman provincial coins at the right prices. Ancient coins are accompanied by accurate certification according to the prevailing regulations. Collecting Roman coins is a pleasure that should not be denied, as well as extending ones knowledge of an incredibly marvellous world.
Byzantine coins for sale
Surfing through our Byzantine coins for sale category you'll be amazed by the spiritual significance attached to many of these coinages. We're sure you'll appreciate the high artistic representation of Christ, the Madonna, saints and archangels. Also these coins are accompanied by accurate photographic certification and export licenses.
Italian coins for sale
Enjoy our collection of Italian coins for sale. You'll find pieces of all the Italian mints such as Milan, Venice, Rome and Naples. You'll be able to buy coins of the pre-unitary states, Kingdom of Italy and Italian Republic too. Also these coins are accompanied by accurate photographic certification.
Papal coins for sale
The Papal coins represent the multiple aspects of the Eternal City: the sacredness, the monuments, the arts, the happenings and the ever unchanging traditions of Rome. Relive the history of Popes through their coinages and let you be fascinated by the historical events happened during the Vacant Sees and the two Roman Republic too. Visit also our category dedicated to the Papal medals.
Vatican coins for sale
This web page of by Moruzzi Numismatica contains annual commemorative issues of the Vatican City since 1929 in gold, silver and other metals, including the Vacant Sees issues. You'll find the older coins in Liras and the latest ones in Euros. Also the Vatican coins for sale are accompanied by accurate photographic certification.
World coins for sale
Our website offers a selection of interesting World coins for sale (European coins and Overseas coins) in gold, silver, copper and other metals too. You'll find coins from countries such as France, Germany, United States of America, Canada, Australia, China, United Kingdom, Principality of Monaco et al., Euro coins BU and PROOF included (official mint folders and commemorative issues too).
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